Gathering News from Groups That Have Resumed In-person Events
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We welcome YOUR input!
If your group has reopened in-person events and would be willing to share your experiences with other organizers, please fill out this form as soon as you can. We will be posting the results of this survey on the CDSS website. Many groups will appreciate hearing about your news. Thanks!

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Name of group and contact info if possible (website, facebook, etc.)
When did your group resume in-person events?
Are you requiring that participants be vaccinated?
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Do you require waivers?
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Based on your group's experiences, please provide brief responses to the following questions: 1) What key factors determined the decision to reopen your events?
2) How did you decide when the time was right?
3) What new procedures have you put in place due to COVID?
4) What has been working well so far?
5) What challenges have you encountered?
6) What solutions have you found to address these challenges?
7) Any other important suggestions you’d like to offer organizers for their reentry plans?
Any requests or comments for CDSS?
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