Green Infrastructure Champions Training Program
Green Infrastructure Champions are key players in implementing green infrastructure as a stormwater management approach town by town. Green Infrastructure Champions will be able to:

* Enhance their knowledge through green infrastructure workshops, seminars, and personal research

* Engage community leaders to adopt green infrastructure as a stormwater management solution by
updating ordinances and municipal master plans

* Encourage local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and schools to incorporate green infrastructure in
their existing landscaping

* Secure funding for green infrastructure

* Publicize implementation of green infrastructure through social media channels

Here is what we can offer:

* Training on green infrastructure planning and implementation

* Technical support to develop a design for a green infrastructure demonstration project

* Networking opportunities with other Green Infrastructure Champions for mutual support

* Assistance with grant writing and submission

LOCATION: Eco Complex, 1200 Florence Columbus Rd, Bordentown, NJ 08505

PARKING: Parking is in front of the building


Questions? Contact Hollie DiMuro at or call (848) 932-6728.

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