MS217 Incoming Grade 6 Orientation
Welcome MS217 incoming grade 6 students and families! We are excited to have you at MS217! Thank you for completing this incoming grade 6 student survey. Please note we will be using email as our number one form of communication throughout the summer, so please be sure to use a valid email address. Thank you.

We will hold our August in-person orientation on Wednesday August 28, 2024 from 10 AM - 1 PM. Families must register in advance in order to attend orientation. 

During orientation families will have the opportunity to:
1. Enjoy the Orientation activities such bouncy house, carnival games, DJ and more!
2. Take a tour the school building
3. Purchase school uniforms and physical education uniforms 
4. Receive a welcome bag 
5. Meet our Special Education Liaison, Parent Coordinator, teachers and more!
6. Ask questions!

**Please note: 
- Due to limited space, we ask that a maximum of 4 people per family attend (this includes our incoming grade 6 students).
- Entrance to the orientation is from the MS217 yard, closest to the playground

Please see our Orientation Flyer here: 
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