2021 Youth Farm Internship Application
The Youth Farm Internship, hosted at Homestead Organics Farm, is a unique and inspiring
opportunity for high schoolers to grow and share healthy food, learn about sustainability, and connect with themselves and their community. Interns will gain real world job skills that can be applied to many job settings, including agriculture, food service, and childcare.

**Pay: $9.25/hour for new interns, $9.50/hour for returning interns
**8-10 hours/week in spring and fall, 15-20 hours/week in summer

Interns will be involved in the community in several meaningful ways. Together we will be planting,
weeding, harvesting, and processing fresh organic produce. In the commercial kitchen, we will make fresh salads for the ‘Salads for Seniors’ project. These salads will be delivered to Meals On Wheels, a program that provides daily meals for seniors in the Bitterroot Valley. Much of the produce we grow will be put into our own Youth Farm Intern ‘Best of the Farm’ CSA share.

A successful applicant is willing to work hard and get dirty; learn from and share with other interns, program staff, and invited guest speakers and follow all food safety rules. No previous job experience is required, only a willingness to share, learn, and work hard as a team member. Applicants must have a reliable means of transportation to the farm, be able to work in all weather conditions, and be willing to commit to the whole season.

Internship stipulations for all applicants:
-No intern shall smoke or handle any tobacco products from April 1st until the end of the entire program.
(Tobacco carries a disease that could kill our tomato crop!)
-Interns must commit to at least nine of the twelve weeks of the summer portion of the program, as well as the spring and fall internship times.
-Interns will receive $9.25/hour for their work and learning.
-Interns must be able and willing to work outside in all weather conditions and must wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, a hat, and sun protection at all times.
-Interns must be willing to work in a commercial kitchen and follow all food safety rules and regulations at all times.
-All applicants will have a telephone interview.
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Parent/Gauardian's Name & Phone Number: *
School District: *
Is this your first job? *
Current Grade Level: *
Age: *
If you have worked before, please describe where you worked, what your role/daily tasks were and what skills you used on the job. If you’ve never held a job, describe a volunteer experience or any other type of project you have participated in. *
Describe your previous experience with plants, gardening, farming, animal care or other agricultural practice, if any. If none, describe your experiences outdoors in nature. *
Identify 2-3 specific aspects of the Youth Farm Internship that are of interest to you and why. *
Identify 2-3 skills you possess that will help you during this internship and how will they be used. *
Describe your work ethic, including what motivates you. *
Do you have experience working or interacting with children with autism or other special abilities? If yes, describe your experience and how it will enable you to work with Special Abilities Camp campers. If no, describe what you think it might be like to work with the campers and what talents/abilities you offer as a camp counselor. *
Describe one value or ethical standard you possess or would like to further develop and bring into adulthood with you. Describe a character trait you’d like to leave behind. *
What is YOUR vision for yourself after high school? In what will you be investing your time? *
Identify at least one need or problem you see within your local or global community and describe what you believe could be a solution. How will you be involved in making that solution a reality? *
Please include two references: the first being a teacher, coach or School-related advisor who can speak to your attitude and abilities, the second being an employer, coworker or other non-family/school member who can speak to your work ethic and personal character. Please include their name, email address, phone number and relationship to you. *
For RETURNING INTERNS, please describe a new project or a current project you would like to expand upon. How do you see yourself taking responsibility for the project?
For RETURNING INTERNS, please reflect on your previous season. What did you do well? What would you like to improve upon? What are your favorite and least favorite tasks. This helps us schedule you for days you will enjoy.
Is there anything you want to share with us or questions you have? Thanks for applying, you will hear from us shortly!
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