Women Leaders Expedition 2019
The expedition will bring together Global Women Leaders who will undertake a trek to a remote Himalayan village and bring access to light and energy, for the first time, to more than 300 villagers of the Gongma Community.

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This will help us design the expedition keeping in account, the diversity & years of experience of the participants
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Keep in mind the social impact on the communities
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The expedition fee per Women Leader is $2500 USD (excluding flight tickets). How do you plan to fund the cost of the expedition? *
The cost of the Expedition includes the Logistics and the cost of the Solar Grid shared between the participants
What is your fitness level, how many hours of sports/ fitness activities do you engage yourself per week? *
There is going to be minimal trekking on the expedition. However, we would want you to be reasonably fit.
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Due to the remoteness of our expeditions, we want you to be honest and share any medical problems that you think might be a barrier for you to come on our expedition
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