Diversity & Inclusion in the Outdoors
In the "Prospect PNW" survey, we hope to capture survey responses from BIPOC Pacific Northwest (PNW) outdoor community members. The survey will be open to the BIPOC PNW community between Feb 1st to Feb 28th. After the survey period, we will put together a brief report and share this survey with organizations and individuals interested. We plan to share a report of the results in a public link.

This survey is one way to give back and to better understand how we can continue to foster areas of growth and support our BIPOC community in outdoor sports and spaces. We are two Asian American friends looking to learn more about the diversity and inclusivity landscape in the outdoor community within the PNW and would appreciate your efforts to support this survey, and share it with your community.

Please note, we are not experts in this field or experts in building surveys. We want to use this as a learning tool and to share what we learn with the community. This is a dynamic survey, so we will learn and add as we go :)

Have questions? Please send us an email to hjschuckers@gmail.com. The more we can learn, the more we can grow together. Thank you for your support. Stay safe and well.

Helen Schuckers @anchorandpine and Kevin Ng @ng.kwing_24
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What racial identity and/or ethnicity do you identify with? How would you like to be identified? We want you to be heard and want to learn more. You can also select from the list below.
What racial identity and/or ethnicity do you identify with? (select all that apply) We have put this section in this format to analyze statistically post-survey. If you do not identify with any of the options provided, we would love to hear and learn more in the previous question.
What are your preferred pronouns? (select all that apply)
1. What outdoor activities do you actively participate in? (select all that apply)
2a. Do you participate in those activities above with an organized group online and or in-person?
2b. If you answered yes, what organized group(s) do you participate in those activities with?
2c: If applicable, which of the factors below is preventing you from picking up a new outdoor activity (check all that apply)
3a: Would you be interested in participating in community events? (Y/N)
3b: If yes, would you be interested in participating in person and or virtual events?
4. How often do you intentionally seek out other outdoor enthusiasts in the BIPOC community?
5. Do you feel like there should be a greater representation of BIPOC in the outdoor industry?
6. How important is greater representation of BIPOC in the outdoor industry for you personally?
7a. Do you know or follow any BIPOC professional athletes (running, climbing, swimming skiing, etc…) or activist in the outdoor industry on social media (environmental, diversity and inclusion,etc…)?
7b. If you know or follow any BIPOC professional athletes or activist in the outdoors industry, we would love to know more about that person?
8. How many days per week do you participate in outdoor activities?
9. How often do you buy new gear (clothes, shoes, equipment, etc…) for your outdoor activities? (Check all that apply)
10. What are 1 to 2 outdoor brands that are your go-to or ones that you trust when getting outdoors? And why?
11. How far are you willing to drive for a day hike or 1-day adventure?
12a. Are you interested in engaging in conversations surrounding diversity, inclusion, and representation within the outdoor industry? (Y/N)
12b. If you answered yes to question 12, what topic areas are you interested in? We want to crowdsource topics and learn about your areas of interest that we can share in our final report from the survey.
13. Additional comments:
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