Mother Teresa Catholic Church Parish Survey
Our Parish Council was asked to come up with key questions for ALL OF US to answer. Your answers will help us know who we are, and where we should be going. They have given considerable thought (and their prayers) about these questions. Please do likewise with your answers. Our future as a Parish depends on what we hope to be as a community of believers.

Please try to be brief and to the point with your answers. We would like input on all the questions, but you may respond only to the ones that are of interest to you if you wish.

Once we collect all this information, it will be published in a document that will reflect our new Mission Statement and help to direct our goals and objectives for the coming years. EVERYONE in each family is invited to participate, from the oldest to the youngest. Our CLOW folks will be working with the youth to help with this.

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Parish inquiries
1. What makes our Parish Community special and inspirational? *
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2. What actions we can take to strengthen our Parish Community? *
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3. How can our weekly experience be more meaningful for you? *
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4. What do think our purpose is as a Parish Community? *
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5. Which Sunday mass do you attend? *
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