2018 Trainer Application
The Nepean Nighthawks Spring program is seeking trainers for all Nighthawks Club programs for 2018. Up to twelve trainers will be hired to run sessions based on age and experience. Trainers must be either certified or in the process of gaining official Ontario Coaches Association/FHO certification
Applicants that are under 16 years of age will eligible for volunteer hours
Certified Applicants 16 years or older of age will be paid: $15/ hour.

Successful Candidates will report to the Head Nepean Nighthawks Trainer and will be required to attend a monthly trainer session.

All applicants must be Field Hockey Ontario or equivalent association members and are subject to a police records check. The Nepean Nighthawks are a community organization dedicated to the promotion of field hockey in a safe inclusive environment.

Deadline for applications is April 20, 2018 Questions can be directed to Sandeep.chopra@nepeanfieldhockey.ca

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Practice Plan Examples
Please provide a complete sample sessions with a duration of 1.5 hours total. Provide diagrams of each drill, describe each element and what is to be achieved in terms of what skills are being taught. Please include a list and quantity of equipment that would be required for each drill. (excluding player’s equipment)

Warmup: 10 Minutes
Drill #1: 15 Minutes
Drill #2: 15 Minutes
Drill #3: 20 minutes
Game Situation #1:

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