HPS 350: Principles of Health Education and Health Promotion - Online Section Waitlist Fall 2020
The online HPS 350 course being offered in the Fall 2020 semester is reserved for students pursuing the online Bachelor's in public health. Students who are in the online Bachelor's program receive priority for any seats available in this course.

However, the college is currently maintaining a waitlist for this course of main campus students (such as yourself) who are interested in taking these online campus courses. If in the week prior to Fall classes beginning seats are still available in these courses, we will utilize this waitlist to begin adding main campus students to the course.

NOTE: This is a seven-week course. The dates of the course are: 10/15/20-12/9/20
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HPS 178 and HPS 200 are firm prerequisites for HPS 350. Students will not be eligible to register for HPS 350 unless both courses will be completed by the beginning of fall semester.
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By selecting below, I certify that I am interested in being added to the waitlist for the HPS 350 online course offered in the Fall 2020 semester. I further certify that I am aware I will not be notified of whether I am enrolled in the course until the week prior to fall semester classes beginning. *
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