Gnomes Team Contact Information Form
Please fill out the questions below. The Gnomes Team teachers will use your responses to contact you directly when necessary over the course of the school year.

*Note: The Gnomes Team does NOT send general updates out through email to parents. To access general team information, visit This contact information will be used ONLY when we need to contact you directly about your child's progress or behavior in our classrooms.

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We call home for several reasons. Celebrations, emergencies, and behavior/academic concerns are examples. Who should we reach out to in those situations?
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Feel free to enter more than one address if you want email communication to be sent to more than one parent. Separate additional addresses with commas.
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Is there anything that you want the Gnomes teachers to know about your student?
(Does your child have allergies? Are there custody issues that we should be aware of? Has your child struggled in school in the past? Has there been a death in the family that has affected your child? Did you just move to the area? Is your child attending school with no real friends from elementary school?)
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