Time and Talent Survey 2016
The term Stewardship has come to mean the three “T’s” – Time, Talent and Treasure. Christian stewardship is rooted in God’s gift of Jesus to us and we are entrusted with sharing this gift.

Christ the King has identified more than one hundred ways you can share your time and your talents. Our survey is separated into 17 major categories of interest. Answer “Yes” to see a roster of tasks associated with a major category in which you have a personal skill or interest. Answer “No” to skip a category of disinterest. Click “Go Back” if you think you’ve missed something or write your idea in the “Is there another way you would like to help?" section within each major category. You'll also find a Comment section at the end of the survey.

Please forward this link and information to all confirmed members of your household. We want to hear from everyone by May 31!

Thank you for responding to the Christ the King Time and Talents Survey 2016. We’ll be in touch!

Meredy Hase
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