Pet Entry Form 2019 Big Cheese Show
27th July 2019, Spencer, Wisconsin
Big Cheese Show will have 2 shows running at once. Please read the questions carefully, as this entry form will differ from previous ones. Please bear in mind that we will do our best to accommodate your requests, but reserve the right to shuffle things a bit in order to make the show run smoothly.

Please fill out the following information for yourself. When you have finished answering this personal information, you may click to go to the next section to begin filling out your entries. This form allows for 10 entries, by clicking you have no additional entries at the end of a section you can submit it early. After 10 entries you will have to fill out another form.
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E-mail Address *
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Phone number you can be reached at, either pre-travel or in route?
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Stud/Mousery Name
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Are you remote entering? If so, who is transporting? *
Confirm that all mice are at least 4 weeks of age by July 27th 2019? *
Mice under 4 weeks generally should not be separated from their mother and are not permitted.
Do you want to reserve any rental show boxes? If so, how many in total? They are $2 each and will be reserved on a first come, first reserved basis.
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How would you like to rent your table? *
Tables are $30. Tables come with $30 worth of entries, and have the usual prearrangement restrictions at this event. Additional tables may be requested through the vendor form.
What email address should the PayPal invoice be sent to? *
If you do not use PayPal, please contact the Treasurer upon completing your entries to arrange for an alternate payment method for your entry fees.
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Please include any notes here:
If you have an unusual situation, please explain here. You may be contacted by club or show staff for clarification, updates, etc. If you are covering another new exhibitor's entries or table space, explain those details here. If you are wanting to bring animals, who are not also entered in any of the shows, please fill out the live animal form! (You can waive the ad space).
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Quarantine, Consent, & Release from Liability
Even though animals will be health checked at the venue, by volunteers, you are showing at your own risk. Quarantine your animals a minimum of 30 days before, and a strongly suggested quarantine after the show, to protect your stock.

In making this entry, I do hereby release any and all persons connected with the club, this show, the venue, or the premises from any and all responsibility, liability, illness, or damages to myself, persons accompanying me, animals, or property. Check YES and sign your electronic signature to confirm.
Do you agree to the Consent and Release from liability? *
Confirm that you have adhered to the FMBA's required pre-show quarantine? *
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