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Thank you for your interest in Saint James’ Episcopal School. Our school is open to all children, starting at age two for preschool through grade 5. Saint James’ admits new students on the basis of character, past academic day care or school experience, and assessment of the child’s potential to profit from and contribute to the life of the School. Among qualified applicants, children are accepted in the following order: (1) current students and their siblings (2) pledging parishioners of St. James’ Episcopal Church (3) Early applicants, and (4) all others.

As an Early applicant, you will receive advance notice of the Saint James’ Episcopal School admission events and application dates. Once early application is open, you will have a designated time span to apply. Early
Application does not guarantee admission nor does it guarantee your first or second choice of preschool
program if applicable. Also please note that it is your responsibility to notify us if your contact information changes.

To sign up for Early Application, complete the form below and submit via mail or drop off the $150 non-refundable priority fee made payable to SJES with "Early App" in the memo. (Please note the priority fee is in addition to the $125 application submission fee.) One form and one fee must be supplied for each prospective student.
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