"My So-Called Selfish Life" - A Childfree Documentary Project
Hi! I'm Therese Shechter and this survey is part of my research for the in-progress documentary "My So-Called Selfish Life." You can get more information about this project at our website http://myselfishlife.com.

I would like to hear more about your own experiences and thoughts as a "childfree" person. Please share as much as you want. I am also happy to hear from those who don't entirely fit that description, for example people who do not have children by circumstance, those wrestling with the decision, or folks who have children but are experiencing regret about that decision. Please respond to the survey in the context of your own experiences. Your answers are totally anonymous unless you tell me otherwise. If you don't want to answer a question, please leave it blank.

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Thank you in advance for your time! We have already learned so much from these responses.

What is it about this topic that inspired you to respond to this survey?
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When did you know you didn't want children, and how did it happen? Say as little or as much as you'd like.
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Was it your choice to remain childfree? Or were there outside factors that led to the decision?
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