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Thank you for applying to Good Shepherd Volunteers. We look forward to getting to know you!

As you complete your application, here are a few things to note:

+ This application must be completed in one session and cannot be saved to finish at another time. You may wish to read through all the questions in advance to help prepare your answers.

+ Applications will be received on a rolling basis until all our placement sites are filled. We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

+ A completed application includes:
o This Online Application
o Your Resume
o Names & Emails for 3 References: 1 Professional, 1 Personal, and 1 Communal
o Academic Transcripts

Your application will be reviewed by our staff and admissions committee. You are welcome to reach us with questions by email or phone. We're here to help!
Part 1: General Information
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Keeping in mind that your placement will be decided through a conversation with GSV staff, many of our placements are full. Currently we are only accepting applications for Collier High School . *
Comments about any of the above questions
Do you know any other languages, and if so, at what level? *
What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? *
What kinds of recreational activities, sports, arts, or hobbies do you enjoy? *
Are there any family, personal, or financial obligations that might inhibit you from completing a full year of service with GSV? Please explain: *
Have you applied to any other volunteer programs, employment, or schools? If yes, please list the other organizations and your present status with them. *
The following short answer questions help us to understand you better. There is no right or wrong answer, but please avoid vague responses, and provide concrete examples whenever possible. Remember, we want to get to know you as much as possible!
Why do you want to do a year of service with Good Shepherd Volunteers? *
Personal growth is an integral part of GSV. What do you hope to learn from doing a year of service with GSV? *
What kind of support will you need from GSV to succeed? From your community? *
Who is someone who exemplifies leadership to you? How and why? *
Good Shepherd Volunteers serve vulnerable populations affected by various forms of violence, trauma, or neglect. Have you observed or experienced violence, trauma, or neglect? If so, how did it affect you and how have you coped with it? *
Good Shepherd Volunteers invites volunteers to learn how to work together, address conflict, and engage both locally and globally. GSVs live in an intentional community and are encouraged to share meals, discussions, and support. Two nights every week are committed to spending time exploring the tenets together.
What gifts will you offer to your community? Consider your personality strengths, talents, and interests. Share at least 3 and explain. *
What qualities do you look for in a friend? How will this shape your expectations of your community members? *
Share one goal you might set for yourself to grow in Community. *
Social Justice
Good Shepherd Volunteers encourages volunteers to become agents of engaged compassion by living out the Good Shepherd values of Individual Dignity, Mercy, Reconciliation, and Zeal.
What social injustices are you most passionate about responding to? Why? How have you already done so? *
Share one goal you might set for yourself to grow in Social Justice. *
Good Shepherd Volunteers empowers volunteers to live in solidarity with those they serve by living on a limited budget and being intentional about their time, resources, and relationships.
If you were to look at your recent bank statements, what 3 things do you spend most of your money on? What does this imply about what you value? *
Share one goal you might set for yourself to grow in Simplicity. *
Good Shepherd Volunteers inspires volunteers to respond to St. Mary Euphrasia’s call to “just love” and to explore their personal faith journey. GSV is a Catholic organization associated with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, welcoming volunteers from all spiritual backgrounds and religions.
What role does spirituality play in your life currently? How comfortable are you sharing with others about your spiritual life? *
Share one goal you might set for yourself to grow in Spirituality. *
Which of GSV’s four tenets do you feel most drawn to right now? Why? *
Which of GSV's four tenets do you feel might be most challenging for you? Why? *
Critical thinking and self-awareness are essential to a successful year of service. The questions below are intended to help you demonstrate your decision-making process, and they provide information about what kinds of insights you might use in accomplishing tasks and responding to challenges.

A well-formulated answer to a scenario-based question should begin with articulating what the issue is and why it is a problem. Then, walk us step-by-step through the measures you would take to resolve it, including follow-up after the fact.
You’re scheduled to cook dinner for your community tonight before Spirituality Night. Near the end of your work day, your supervisor tells you something urgent has come up and asks if you will stay late today to help. What would you do? *
Your community created a cleaning chart and everyone took on individual responsibilities around the apartment. You’ve noticed that for 3 weeks, the shared bathroom has not been cleaned and the community member responsible just texted your community that they’re going out of town this weekend. What would you do? *
You and a coworker have been working together to secure access to services a client needs to receive as soon as possible. You realize that the two of you made a significant mistake when you first started working on the case. The mistake will mean that the client will not receive services for at least another month. That same day, during supervision, your supervisor asks you for an update on the case. What would you do? *
Compose a brief autobiography and include information on the following: *
Please describe your relationship with your family. Tell us about a challenge that you and your family have faced and how you responded. In addition, pick one or two experiences that have helped shape you into the person you are today; these could be related to your family, community, peers, education, or other experience.
Please e-mail a current resume to *
Your resume should be under 2 pages, include dates, and focus on the following information: Service Experience, Education, and Professional Experience. Please highlight any experience that is related to the mission of GSV and/or includes aspects of direct service, interaction with people, teamwork, etc.
Please list 3 references: GSV will be emailing a form to your references for them to complete
(1) Professional Reference - Someone who can speak to your work ethic and character (Supervisor, Co-Worker, Professor).
(1) Personal Reference - Someone who understands your motivation for service (Professor, Campus Minister, Coach, Long Time Family Friend, Friend, Fellow Volunteer).
(1) Communal Reference - Someone that you have lived with in the past 4 years who can offer perspective about you as a potential roommate/community member (Roommate, Friend, Residence Hall Staff).

Please do not list family members as references. If you are having difficulty identifying a reference, please contact us for help.
Reference 1: Professional Reference
Professional Reference Name: *
Professional Reference Email: *
Reference 2: Personal Reference
Personal Reference Name: *
Personal Reference Email: *
Reference 3: Communal Reference
Communal Reference Name: *
Communal Reference Email: *
Please e-mail an unofficial version of your transcript to *
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