About the Maadhimisho!
What: "Maadhimisho! African - American Read-In"
When: Saturday, February 25th from noon-2:00pm
Where: Montclair Community Library (5049 Waterway Dr., Montclair, VA 22025) Children's story room
Who: Open to families
Cost: FREE

Description: The Neville Empowerment Network, Inc. will be hosting the “Maadhimisho! African - American Read-In” to commemorate Black History Month! The event is FREE and open to all ages. The "Maadhimisho" (celebration) is designed to promote African-American Literature, and will feature poetry readings, short stories, storytelling, and celebrate the legacy of the Barnes family.

Goodie bags will be provided for the first 20 children to arrive.

Note: Readings/Stories should not last more than 10 minutes.

- Readers (10): Needed to read brief selections of literary works authored by African American Authors.
- Story Tellers (3): Needed to recite brief stories/African fables.
-Event Volunteers (2)" Needed to help set up/break down 15 minutes before/after, and manage the crowd during the event.

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