Conference registration: Waste Management in Tourism. Does It Even Matter?
Registration Form for the URBAN-WASTE Final Conference "Waste Management in Tourism. Does It Even Matter?", 7 May 2019
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Hondar 2050 documentary and discussion with the director
A screening of a documentary titled "Hondar 2050" will take place at the venue, right after the Conference. is is supposed to last 1 hour, between 18.30 and 19.30 (45 minutes for the documentary and 15 minutes for the discussion).

HONDAR 2050 is a triple action project. The first action is the creation of a documentary about the marine waste problem on the coast of Euskadi, by Cesare Maglioni. Thanks to this documentary we see what people don´t want to see, through the eyes of the artist Carlos Arrola and his search for answers. Secondly, along the narrated story, Carlos creates a number of art works with the wastes found in the sea or on the coast. It costs us to become aware of the problem but through these criticising works, our environmental print becomes visible. These works will be displayed in an exposition in the Cristina Enea Foundation in Donostia. The last action is based on a forum debate and citizen exchange of ideas about the marine waste problem. This encounter took place the day of the documentary´s premier in the AQUARIUM of Donostia.

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