SENIOR CONCERTO Competition 2019 - pre-screening
Rules and Regs

1. Any senior student who is enrolled in a curricular performing music ensemble at Waubonsie Valley High School is eligible to audition for the Senior Concerto Concert.

2. Only solos with string, orchestral, or wind ensemble accompaniment will be considered. Students must check with their ensemble director as soon as possible to get approval for your piece, discuss instrumentation for the orchestral accompaniment and to figure out how your piece would be acquired (rental, IMSLP, purchase) should you be chosen.

3. Solos should be no more than 15 minutes in length total or else cuts may be necessary.

4. Students should prepare a 2 to 3 minute long sample of their solo (unless your entire piece is less than 3 minutes, in which case you should record the whole piece) –accompaniment strongly encouraged – as either an audio or video recording. This recording will be submitted via Google Form (invitation will be sent via email) by December 14. This recording will be reviewed by the audition judges. An invitation to play the full live audition on January 15 will be sent by December 21st.

5. Live auditions, granted as a result of the pre-screened recording submission, will be held on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 3:30-6:15pm in the Orchestra Room at Waubonsie Valley High School. You will be given either 5, 10 or 15 minutes for your audition, based on the length of your piece.

6. Winners will perform at the Senior Concerto Concert to be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, with a dress rehearsal the evening before.

7. Memorization - Memorization, although not required, is highly recommended for the audition. Vocalists must have their piece memorized for the concert.

8. Piano accompaniment is required for the live audition. Please arrange to have your accompanist here for the audition – you will need to find a local accompanist (talk to your private teacher or director for recommendations).

9. At the live audition, a total of 3 clean scores (copies ok) with measures numbered must be presented to the adjudicators.

10. The application is due by December 14, 2018, 11:59pm

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Music Information
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Submission guidelines:

1) Your submission must be submitted by December 14, 2018 at 11:59pm.

2) You must make sure that your submission is view-able/listen-able for our judges - if you upload your video to YouTube, make your video "Unlisted" (not "Private") and provide the link below. You may also upload your video to Google drive. If you have an audio or video uploaded to your drive, make sure that the sharing is set to "anyone with the link may view".

3) Using an accompanist is optional, but is highly encouraged.

4) Please announce yourself at the beginning of your video/recording. State your full name and the title of the piece you are playing.

5) Select the strongest 2- 3 minutes of your piece without cuts or your entire piece if under 3 minutes

6) Submit a link for judges to see the pdf of the musical excerpt you have recorded for this prescreening.

7) Make sure to check the recording sound quality - it may be that an audio recording with a mic will make for a better submission than a video.

Please submit a link to the pdf of your music (this can just be *your* part - it does not need to be the piano/orchestral part) - upload your scan to your Drive and paste the link here (viewable to all with the link) *
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Recording submission link - if this is YouTube video, provide the link here (Unlisted please), if this is a recording, submit your YouTube or Google Drive link here (make sure it is accessible by anyone who has the link) *
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