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Thank you for signing up! Thea will be contacting you within few hours. If somehow you do not hear from Thea, please contact her at hello@theawillette.com.

The beauty of this work is just how simple and natural it is. And I just want to make sure we're on the same page to begin and ready to accept some daily miracles! 
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My clients with the best results are the ones who can get honest and surrender to the truth of what they are feeling and experiencing. 

What is the pain or challenge you are facing now? When did it start?
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Where attention goes, energy flow. Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. *
Likewise, my clients who can get clear on their intentions experience quicker results. No worries, when I started this work I didn't know how to dream, I just wanted the pain to end. We will work closely together here to help you create a clear intention.

But for fun, they get this part started! Imagine 5 years from now, you pain is gone and you have unlimited resources available, what would you be doing? How do you want to feel? 
It is essential that client understands that no energy healing therapy can be accepted for replacement for any prescribed or necessary medical treatment, but is best used as complementary treatment. Energy work practitioners are not able to diagnose or medically treat any illness or condition. Typed signatures are accepted as your eSignatures on this form.
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