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A private social club for Futurists modelled after the clubs of 19th century London.
A home away from home for Futurists to meet with like minded thinkers and doers over food and drink in a dedicated space of our own.

Futurist are people who care about the future and are actively planning and building a better future, broadly construed.

TYPES OF POSSIBLE SPACES - all furnished as closely to a 19th century British social club as possible: dark wood, leather furniture, many books, etc.

A. Single room - large room in office building
-Limited kitchen
-No bedroom
-Shared office bathroom
B. Suite or apartment - multiple rooms
-Dining area
-Living room
-2-3 Bedrooms
-Outdoor space - restricted or none
C. House or set of suites
-Kitchen, bedrooms, dining area, living room
-Larger meeting space, great room
-Outdoor space

-We are working on a location(s), but let's assume that there would be a location within 30 minutes of your home.

-Socialize with other futurists
-Co-working or event space during the day
-Web app to schedule times to be on-site, check ins to help coordinate meeting
-Food and drink
Catered scheduled meals and social hours (either from slush fund or with added fee)
-Group meals offered at least twice a week
-24 hour badged entry for paying members
-Access to restricted rooms available to higher paying members
-Overnight accommodation for added fee (intended to be cheaper than hotel) or part of higher priced membership
-Weekly seminars or meetups in which public is invited

Background about the concept here: http://oaklandfuturist.com/futurist-gentlepersons-club

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