50 Ways To Be A Lover - Family
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How old are you? How old are your parents?
How many children do your parents have? Did you grow up with your siblings or other children in the same house?
Are there adopted children in your family?
Have there been divorces or re-marriages in your family?
How would you describe your sexual orientation?
What were the parts of your parents’ relationship that were positive for you growing up?
How did your parents handle discussing conflict (in front of you and privately)?
As a kid, did you know people whose families were different from the norm in your community? Were they socially accepted?
Are your parents together? Divorced? Re-partnered?
Do they get along?
What is the best thing about your parents relationship?
What is the worst thing about your parents relationship?
Do you have children with a current partner or ex-partner?
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What adults played a strong role in raising you? Only parents? Grandparents, aunts and uncles? Adult siblings or cousins? Non-biological family?
Did your parents/adults talk to you about their relationships?
What do you wish they had told you before you started dating?
What is the worst kind of infidelity?
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