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Welcome to the application for Arts Undergraduate Society's First-Year Events, Academic and Representative Council (also known as AUS FEARC)! FEARC is a council made up of 6 first-year student executives, chosen by the VP Internal (that's me!) and other AUS executives. The mission of FEARC is three-fold: 1) to represent first-year Arts undergraduate students and promote their interests, 2) to provide activities and services to enhance student wellbeing, and 3) to provide special attentio the needs of former CEGEP students and international students. Any first year Arts student can apply to be part of FEARC!

The following positions, accompanied by a brief description, will make up this year's FEARC team.

PRESIDENT: provide direction to the team by co-ordinating and supervising FEARC affairs
VP ACADEMIC: advocate for the academic affairs of first-year arts students by seeking feedback from students around curriculum and professors
VP FINANCE: prepare and maintain the FEARC budget and keep records of FEARC finances
VP COMMUNICATIONS: communicate with FEARC constituents through social media and other forms of contact
VP EXTERNAL: represent FEARC at bi-weekly AUS Legislative Council meetings and be a liaison with other departmental, faculty and university societies
VP SOCIAL: lead in organizing social and cultural activities for FEARC members (with the whole team's support)

As these descriptions are not exhaustive of each role, please read page 3 of this document for more detailed descriptions: http://ausmcgill.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/FEARC-Bylaws-Oct-21-2015.pdf

The deadline for this application is September 20th, 2019. Please send me an accompanying CV at internal.aus@mail.mcgill.ca. You can expect to hear back from me within the week following that. If you have any questions about this application or about FEARC, please feel free to email me at internal.aus@mail.mcgill.ca. Thanks so much for your interest and I'm super excited to work with you! :)


AUS VP Internal
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