2022 AWMTB Scholarship Application -- Deadline December 23
Scholarships can help with team expenses such as dues, bike maintenance, clothing, helmet, shoes, and race travel. The team received a very generous donation from the Falcon Foundation that we are applying to scholarships this season.

We trust our community members to be the best judges of their own need and to reserve team scholarship funds for those in greatest need. It is an honor-based system and scholarship awards do not require documentation of need. In previous years, scholarship requests often exceeded available funds. If the situation is the same this year, partial awards will be made.

Important note: Our local league (NorCal) offers scholarships for race fees -- apply at https://www.norcalmtb.org/scholarships/ and help preserve team funds for expenses NorCal does not cover.

Contact the coaches (awmtbcoaches@gmail.com) or team director (awmtbdirector@gmail.com) if you have questions or need help estimating potential expenses.

Deadline to apply is December 7, 2021
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Amount requested for travel costs. This season will have a max of five races: Redding, La Grange, and likely three in Lower Lake. All race venues offer campsites for free or minimal charge. Hotels are close to venues except La Grange (closest hotel is 20 miles away).
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