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We're making this market to create an event that strengthens our community, and it will be set up as a social enterprise. We want to support rural and independent enterprise, encourage customers to make more sustainable environmental shopping choices, and activate our town centre spaces. Your input will help make this market a success, so thanks for taking the time to complete this short survey. All completed surveys accompanied by a valid email will be added into the draw* to win a £30 Waitrose voucher. *the draw will take place on Wednesday 27 January.
How far from Seaton, Devon is your business based?
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How likely are you to come to Seaton and try our new market?
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yes please!
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what type of business are you? *
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How many markets do you attend? (in normal times)
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Which market is your current (in normal times) favourite and why?
Do you like regular bookings at a market?
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Which is your preferred day for a market?
and which is your preferred trading window?
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How long does it take you to set up your stall?
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Are there any months of the year where you will not or cannot trade?
Which season is your best for your business at a market?
Is there anything that makes a market better than the rest (other than bumper takings!)?
Assuming it is a good event for you, which pitch fee range is comfortable for your business? (per day)
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What do you need to make your day run well?
Is there anything that might prevent you from attending a market?
Do you have your own infrastructure for an outside event? If not, what do you need?
Would you be interested in a loyalty scheme Thant benefits you and our market customers?
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We want to build a sustainable business model and will consider other income streams to financially support the market. Would you be interested and able to join the conversations to develop our businesses?
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Have you traded at an event that I've organised before?
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If you consent to the above, please leave your email below. In doing so your email will be added to a mailchimp database and used only for communications from me, Eleanor Carr. You are able to withdraw your consent at any time by emailing me at chat@uniqueboutiqueevents.co.uk.
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