Tracking Your Spending Survey (60 seconds!)
Since I am such a broken record about tracking your spending, I wanted to get your feedback on it—specifically, how you currently track where your money goes, and how you track "the rest" of life. It's all checkboxes, since if you're anything like me, you use multiple methods for each!

And just to be clear about where the results are going: they're totally confidential between me and you! I have an idea for a tool that could help you guys keep tabs on where your money goes every week, since it's truly the #1 thing I've done for myself and my finances over the past few years, and helped me do everything from buy our house to save for our wedding—without giving up my lattes, other than that brief spell where I thought coffee wasn't my priority.

If you'd be up for me following up with questions to elaborate on your answers—which will help me build the best resources for you in time for the new year!—make sure to drop your email address at the bottom of the form. I'll follow up with people whose replies seem like they might be helped by the idea I'm working on!

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If you'd be open to me following up by email re: your answers, drop your email address here!
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