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Please complete this form with as much information as possible. You will be sent a notecard with a confirmation of receipt of your request and details of how to make payment for your advertisement. After payment is made you will receive a further notecard confirming receipt of payment and the start and renewal date for your advertisement.

Submission of this form does not constitute a contract.
Advertisements may be declined, or withdrawn without notice, or refund, for any of the following reasons:
*Your store is found to be selling copybotted items
*Your store is found to be selling items that infringe copyright or IP rights
*Your store is found to be selling stolen content of any kind reserves the right to decline any advertisement, without reason, at any time
Paid advertising with has no impact or effect on whether your items are selected to appear on the website.
Advertisements provided must be moderate in nature, no adult material will be accepted for publication.

250 x 250 px ratio
L$2000 for 4 weeks (500L$ per week)
L$5000 for 12 weeks (416L$ per week)
L$20000 for 52 weeks (384L$ per week)

250 x 125 px ratio
LS1000 for 4 weeks (250LS per week)
L$2500 for 12 weeks (208L$ per week)
L$10000 for 52 weeks (192L$ per week)

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