2017/2018 VOX Registration for Teen Staff & Contributors
VOX is Atlanta's home for uncensored teen publishing and self-expression. As a nonprofit organization, VOX offers free after-school programming and media resources for metro-Atlanta teens. Since 1993, diverse Atlanta-area teens have joined VOX to become better prepared for their futures, connected to their peers and supportive adults, and valued as leaders and communicators in our community. Teens involved with VOX not only volunteer to create the uncensored content you can access in print and online, but they also take leadership positions within our nonprofit organization and facilitate community activities, such as content-creation workshops for their peers in the metro area. We're also the home for Atlanta Word Works, a new program at VOX that supports, guides and provides a safe space for young artists and writers to explore the complexities and challenges of life through oral literacy, workshops and performance.

At VOX, we believe that journalism, publishing and self-expression – as a means of developing critical thinking skills, social responsibility and creative problem solving – provide teens with the necessary tools to enter a world in need of fresh perspectives to build community and bring much needed change.

Eligibility: Any teen, ages 13-19, living in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton or Gwinnett counties can participate. While you do not have to have experience to participate, a demonstrated interest in storytelling, publishing, or community activism will ensure you enjoy your experience with VOX. We are interested in your enthusiasm and interest in growth, in addition to the skills you have and those you want to improve.

Please use this form to apply for the following opportunities:

1. VOX Teen Staff (up to 50 teens throughout Atlanta with time in their schedules to prioritize VOX)

2. VOX Teen Contributor (up to 100 teens throughout Atlanta who would like to publish regularly)

DEADLINE TO APPLY: This is a rolling deadline which means we accept applications throughout the year. Our next training is in February, so mark your calendars!

3. VOX Investigates (a semester-long focused journalism project open to both VOX staffers and contributors)

The next VOX Investigates Team begins Jan. 13, 2018. Applications are accepted on a first-come/first-commit basis. Deadline for VOX Investigates has now passed.

More about these opportunities will be shared throughout the application, so please read carefully!

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For Parents/Guardians (Applicants under 18)
Please complete the financial information below. We keep the information you provide ANONYMOUS, and only use numbers for grant reporting purposes. Your personal information will never be linked to your name or your teen's name, nor will it impact in any way your teen's participation in the VOX program or program offerings. The funders who help VOX provide a free and safe space require income information from the teen participants we serve. We thank you for providing this information so that VOX can continue to offer quality, free after-school programming!
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Please review and electronically sign the VOX Policies page.
Teen and parent/guardian signatures will be verified by phone call once we receive completed applications.

VOX Teen Communications Organization and Office Policies and Procedures:

Individuals ages 13-19 are the target population for participation in the organization. Teenagers who apply to participate in VOX Teen Communications’ programs are invited to our Back to School Party/orientations/trainings on a first-come, first-served basis.

VOX is not responsible for teenagers’ transportation to and from our office or activities. Teenagers who apply to work on VOX activities are responsible for securing their own transportation, though the organization will provide MARTA fare to teens who participate here. Teens must sign in and out of the office. As an informal procedure, VOX Teen Communications will make its best effort to implement a buddy system en route to the MARTA station and/or while waiting for a ride.

The signature on this policies page indicates the parent or guardian’s consent for the teen to use whatever form of transportation he/she indicates on his/her application. By signing this form, parents/guardians consent to allow VOX volunteers or staff to provide transportation to the teen on occasions, and by signing this form, parents/guardians relieve VOX Teen Communications and its agents from any and all liability.

VOX’s school-year office hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, with some nights during the week designated as special work nights from time to time; during these nights, the office may remain open later than 7 p.m. Office hours for Mondays and Saturdays are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. VOX’s Summer hours are M-F 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Special projects may take place before or after these official hours. The VOX office is always supervised by an adult when teens are present.

VOX Teen Communications maintains a safe space in its offices by committing to a strict policy of no smoking/tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, weapons, fighting, stealing, and misuse of technology.

Teens, adult volunteers and VOX staff may work together in the VOX Teen Communications office at any time accordance with the participation policy above. They may conduct research, use computers, take photos, conduct interviews or other business in a public library, a volunteer’s office or other appropriate locations. When volunteers serve in a mentor capacity and plan outings in the community or in their home, parental/guardian consent is required. Physical relationships between volunteers, staff and teens are inappropriate and prohibited.

The electronic signatures on this page indicate consent for VOX Teen Communications to publish the written or artistic work created by the teen participant as well as images of the teen participant in any of VOX’s printed or electronic material. Such material becomes the property of VOX Teen Communications. Additionally, VOX will create publishing partnerships with other media outlets, creating opportunities for teens’ content to have a wider reach. The signature on this page also indicates consent for teen participants’ content to be shared through other media outlets in partnership with VOX, always linking back to VOX as the initial provider and editor of content.

Teen participant agreement (please type your full name below) *
I agree to adhere to and support the policies of VOX Teen Communications for as long as I am affiliated with the organization. I understand that I must return this application with my parent/guardian’s signature and that my relationship with VOX will be ended if I violate any of the policies.
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PARENT/GUARDIAN: by clicking "Yes" below, you acknowledge and support the commitment your teen is making to VOX. *
If you have questions about this commitment, please call our program staff at 404-614-0040 to discuss.
Parent/Guardian consent (please read and electronically sign below by typing your name into the box provided) *
I acknowledge that I have been informed that this program is not a licensed child care facility. I also understand this program is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state licensure requirements.I understand and agree to abide by and support VOX's stated policies above, for as long as my child is affiliated with VOX Teen Communications. In the case that any policy is violated, I understand I will be notified that the relationship with the organization will be ended. I understand that VOX’s school-year services are provided free of charge. I understand that VOX will make all reasonable efforts to provide safe activities and a safe environment, which may include transportation, and I relieve VOX Teen Communications and its agents from any and all liability.
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