Certification - 20 Hour Course Examination
Certification - 20 Hour Course Examination
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1. Your attitude can set the stage for how things go on the school bus and throughout a student's day.   *
2. If a school bus driver is ineligible to drive a school bus due to 10 or more accumulated points on their record, when will the driver become eligible to drive again?   *
3. If you can't get your mirrors adjusted properly: *
4. Always apply the parking brake to hold the bus stationary when unattended. *
5. You can always use your senses to identify potential problems with the bus. *
6. The five point mirror check allows you to continuously?   *
7. When loading and unloading students who must cross the roadway, teach the students to follow the: *
8. In Texas, it is against the law to stand or walk around the bus while it is moving.   *
9. Which of the following may be indications of gang involvement with students on your bus?   *
10. The driver's attitude does not affect his or her driving ability and student behavior on the bus.   *
11. What does I-P-D-E formula stand for?   *
12. If you experience drowsiness during a trip: *
13.  When entering a freeway: *
14. When approaching a curve: *
15. Railroad crossings where you are not required to stop will always be marked with one of two signs: *
16. Who has the right of way at a railroad crossing? *
17. Alcohol use is the leading cause of traffic fatalities *
18. Which of the following is not considered emergency equipment that needs to be in all buses?   *
19. A student with a special need should always be disciplined the same way a nondisabled student is disciplined.   *
20. Which of the following is not a step you should follow if you have been exposed to an infectious disease? *
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