Bursary Application: CTRLshift Summit 2019
This is a simple application form for our bursary fund for CTRLshift Summit 2019.

We aim to have available (subject to funding) the following bursaries:
Full Bursary: * 5 Paid-for Places + up to £100 Expenses towards travel & accommodation
Attendance Bursary * 20 Paid-for Places at the Summit
Partial Bursary * 10 Subsidised Places at £50 each

All bursaries are for the full period of the event.

The level of demand for these bursaries is not known at this stage. If the demand is higher than availability we will give priority to ensuring diversity in the room at the event. This applies to gender; ethnicity; sectors that you work in and the turnover and size of your organisation. We also wish to encourage working class attendees and there is a question to that effect.

Priority will also be given to local organisations from the Stoke-On-Trent Area.

To ensure inclusive and diverse participation we encourage people who identify as BAME , LGBTQ+, disabled, women, working class and young people to apply.

If there are more applications than available for the Full Bursary package, we may decide to allocate additional places from the Attendance and Partial Bursary Funds at our discretion. If you apply for a Bursary but do not qualify, we will aim to at first offer you the next best option.

The first round of decisions will be made over the period of 1st-5th April 2019. Any remaining bursaries after that point will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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