Microsoft Sam reads Funny and Amusing Errors Request Form (URL)
This form is for those who do not wish to use Discord to request errors with URLs. Requests that cannot be accepted with a URL (such as macOS) must go through the Custom form:

Error requesting rules:
1. Keep your errors original. I can't go overusing the same errors. (Once in a while is ok tho)
2. Keep the longevity of errors reasonable. Errors that are too long or too short cease to be funny in almost all circumstances.
3. Keep the cringe out. I'd like to use errors that aren't overused (refer to Rule #1) or errors that won't completely disgust the average viewer.
4. Profanity is allowed.
5. No errors that can completely change the plot of the Season. Don't try to change the outcome. Please.
6. Errors that contain copyrighted content will be seized by the Copyright Police. This one's a bit straightforward.
7. Overuse of running gags are discouraged. Please refer to Rule #1 for more info.
8. Tip of the Day requests will be instantly canned. That's my job to implement Tips of the Day for the series. In the event I run out of ideas for Tips, I'll open a separate requesting section.
9. Request with ONE account. This is to ensure if you're banned from requesting, you cannot use an alt to request. Alts also confuse me.
10. Errors attempting to introduce new characters will also be instantly canned. Unless the character was announced prior in that case I'm fine with it.
11. Errors attempting to change the story-line will either be canned completely or made fun of. You have been warned.
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Operating System *
Please use either Atom Smasher's error generator ( or FairPlay137's Error Generator (
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