Just letting you know before filling this out that I have a lot of people on my waiting list already and filling this application out does not automatically mean that you will be getting a puppy or even on the list. I will be emailing everyone back that submits ones of these, though be warned I typically wait until the end of each month so I can send responses in bulk (I get about 3 applications a week, to give you a perspective on how many people I talk to about puppies).

If you're concerned that I didn't get your application or just have questions in general, you can contact me at windstormdogs@gmail.com.

We don't expect everyone to be absolutly perfect, just please fill out the application as honestly as you can so if you are one of the chosen ones we can try to match you with the perfect puppy.
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What vet to you use/ plan to use?
Swedish Vallhunds have smallish litters and we cannot guarantee that you will get your preference, but this will better help us place puppies in homes
Color preference, would you rather have a gray or a red? *
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Sex? *
Are you willing to take a puppy that does not match your stated preferences? *
Placing a puppy in a proper home is important. Swedish Vallhunds are very active dogs that love to please.
Why are you interested in finding a new puppy? *
How did you find out about Swedish Vallhunds and what made you interested in getting a Swedish Vallhund? *
Do you currently or have previously owned a Swedish Vallhund? *
Is this your first dog? *
Do you have any other pets? List type, gender and breed.
What do you plan on doing with your dog? *
What type of food do you feed your dog/plan to feed your puppy?
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Do you own this residence? *
If renting please list your landlords information so they can be contacted.
Do you have a fenced yard? *
How many adults are in your home? *
How many children if any and what age are in your home? *
Where will the puppy spend most of their time? *
How will the puppy be trained? *
Will your puppy be an inside or outside dog? *
How many hours will the puppy be left alone during the day? *
Who will be the primary caretaker of the puppy? *
Will you be willing to pick the puppy up in person? *
Do you agree to give follow-up reports and photos from time to time? *
If in the case that you can no longer keep your puppy, do you promise to give the puppy back? *
Approval and Deposit:
To insure that all puppies go home to the perfect families, deposits are not required until the puppies are at least 4 weeks of age. Puppies will be walking at this point and getting their personalities. Visitations will be allowed at this point and all families interested in getting a puppy will be welcomed to visit.

Puppies will be placed in homes that will best suite the puppies personality and activity level. We would prefer that all potential puppy owners come visit the puppies before final placements. If you cannot visit the puppies, then a puppy will be picked for you based on your preferances.

At the time puppies are old enough to be selected for homes, a $200 deposit will be required. This deposit will be non refundable and if you choose to back out of getting a puppy, the money will be placed towards finding the puppy a new home.
Going Home:
We will not ship puppies alone, all puppies must be picked up in person any time after the puppy has turned 9 weeks of age. We are located in Tracy, CA (which is about 60 miles east from San Francisco). If you cannot pick the puppy up right away, a puppy will be held for you, as long as the time isn't completely unreasonable. Just remember that puppies are going through a learning stage at that age and are much easier to train and get used to new environments at a younger age and may pick up habits that are harder to train out.

If you are flying to pick up your puppy, you must take it as a carry-on, not stored in luggage. Since the puppies will be going home in the heat of summer there are step the airlines have to take with dogs, especially if planes have to be changed last minute and the replacement doesn't have AC in the cargo area. Trust me, finding out your puppy has been left behind in a different state during a layover is terrifying. Please also note that puppies that fly as carry-ons must be at least 10 weeks old.

All puppies will come with a care package that should cover most of the basics for the first couple days: a 5lb bag of dog food, toys, potty pads, a collar and a leash.

All puppies will be microchipped prior to leaving, along with their first round of shots. We do the full scope of puppy vaccines that are needed in California. If you would like to add additional regiments once you get your puppy, that will be up to your own discretion, but puppies must go through the full rounds protecting them from parvo/distemper, bordetella and rabies when the puppy is old enough.

Puppies will also be required to visit a vet within the first 72 hours of you taking them home. Though puppies will receive a health check before leaving, you should get your local physician to check the puppy out, just in case there was anything my vet missed.
We have a contract and will not place a puppy without a signed contract. We believe it's the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later, and for that reason it's a bit lengthy. If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy.
All puppies will receive a limited registration unless prior agreement is made. If you are interested in showing, the puppy will be registered with a co-ownership. There are no price differences between a "Pet Dog" and a "Show Dog", so if you may possibly be interested in showing in the future, please ask! Registration is included in the price of the puppy and will be done after you have picked your puppy up.
Spay and Neuter
If you have not signed a showing contract, your dog will be given to you with a pet contract and limited registration. For the safety of the dogs, we require that you do not spay/neuter the puppy until the puppy is at least 6 months old. Young dogs can have complications to the anithsitia which can cause strokes, allergic reactions and/or death. Altered dogs are still able to be entered in AKC events like obedience and herding, they just will not be able to be shown in an AKC sponsored show and of course, breed.
Have you read and answered all of the questions? *
Please provide any other information you feel is relevant that you would like us to know that you feel would assist us in placing a puppy in your home
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