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Enforcer Application: PAX East 2017
This form is for NEW APPLICANTS who wish to be considered as staff for PAX East - March 10-12 2017 in Boston. Successful applicants will receive a free pass to PAX East and are not required to have purchased a PAX ticket.

If you have questions regarding this application, please contact Kristin "PRD" Lindsay at

Legal First Name:
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Legal Last Name:
Your answer
Preferred Name:
(optional; what you prefer to be called: nickname, middle name etc)
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Preferred Pronoun:
Will you be at least 18 years old by March 10th, 2017?
Applicants must be 18 to join our staff.
Please provide your email address:
Your answer
Are you eligible to work legally in the United States AND collect a W-2 from PAX?
Enforcers are paid staff members. W-2s are the Wage and Tax Statement forms for reporting income to the IRS. This may affect military service members, please confirm that you can receive a W-2 from us before applying!
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Please provide your mailing address:
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Please provide your phone number:
For emergencies, a cell phone is preferable.
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Please provide a contact name and phone number in case of emergency:
Please also include their relation to yourself.
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What is your Twitter account name?
If you don't have one, please create one! You'll need it for the show. It does not have to be public.
Your answer
Staff members must have frequent internet and access and commit to regularly reading our private forum, Facebook & Twitter, as these are our primary methods of communication. Once successful applicants are enrolled, the onus will be on them to be attentive to deadlines; they will not receive direct reminder emails.
What convention experience have you had?:
Your answer
Please list any life experiences or specialized training you have had that may be applicable:
Customer service, first aid, CPR, security training, teaching, being a parent, IT work, etc.
Your answer
Please list any specific skills or qualities you have that may be applicable:
Great organizer, loud voice, outgoing personality, wicked Mario Kart skillz, etc.
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Do you have any specific department or assignments in mind?:
It's okay if you're not familiar with our departments, just guess at what you think would appeal to you.
Your answer
Are you available for any of our optional set up and tear down days (before and after PAX East)?:
Wednesday and Thursday before PAX; the Monday after PAX.
Your answer
Why are you volunteering for PAX?:
Your answer
Do you have any references from Penny Arcade, Inc., PAX or Reed Exhibitions?
They may be required for some positions.
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Do you have any customer service experience?:
Your answer
Are you comfortable working as part of a team?:
Are you comfortable working in large crowds?:
Are you a gamer?:
It's not mandatory, we have plenty of non-gamers! Really!
Please confirm that you will be available from March 10 - 12 inclusive in Boston:
Enforcers must commit to working a minimum of one shift per show day (approx. 15-18 hours total) over the entire show.
If you would like to make any additional comments regarding your application, please feel free to:
Your answer
The PAX Enforcers are an equal opportunity organization. We will not discriminate on the bases of race, color, gender, gender expression or identity, origin, age, veteran status, religion, creed, disability or sexual orientation.
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