Heavy Lifters Registration Form
Please complete the form below to register to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland
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Release and Waiver of Liability
Every Habitat Volunteer MUST turn in a signed Release and Waiver of Liability before volunteering on site. New waivers must be signed each calendar year. Please select the appropriate option below.

OPTION 1: Print and Sign at Home Click on this link to open our waiver. Then check the box below to indicate that you have opened, printed, signed, and will bring this waiver with you on your first volunteer date. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j_Un_itNa0jGMXY4SkZdfpIiYVCCbq4WO2KBd9d9p5w/edit?usp=sharing

Option 2: Sign On Site
If you are filling this form out on site, printed waivers are available for you to sign. Please ask a staff member for assistance. Check the box below to indicate you have not signed the waiver.
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