What is moving us bisexuals?
Milestones of the bisexual movement, changes in your life in relation to bisexuality, pansexuality or non-monosexuality: This is the English anonymous survey. There is also a German version. If you speak German, please go here: https://tinyurl.com/biumfrage06
Name 1-3 events in your life that were meaningful / changing in relation to your bisexuality, pansexuality or non-monosexuality (e.g. an article in a teenager magazine, an educational lesson in school, a smile from another person, a great actor, a hate commentary towards LGBTI*, a speech by a politician, a discussion with friends, a kiss, exciting sex, etc.).
Who or what has shaped your opinion on bisexuality strongly?
Specifically name who or what has shaped your opinion on bisexuality strongly (e.g. the name of actress, the name of a politician, the name of a book, of course not private names, only what kind of a friends: e.g. best friend, work colleague).
What event in the bisexual movement history do you know and/or do you find significant? (It is from a German perspective, but there are also international events.)
I know:
I find (specially) important:
1892 neurologist Charles Gilbert Chaddock uses the word "bisexual" in today's sense
1915 Sigmund Freud argues that every human being is generally bisexual
1948/53 The Kinsey reports provide a major stir, after which a high proportion of the US population is bisexual to some degree (first using of the Kinsey scale)
1970 bisexual activist Brenda Howard organizes the first pride worldwide, one year after the Stonewall riots
8./9.12.84 First BiCon in Great Britain
29.8.1992 Foundation of the German Bisexual Network BiNe
1996 start of the bisexual disco "Bisco" in Berlin once a month until at least the end of 2000
5.12.98 publication of the bisexual flag by Michael Page, USA
July 1998 colourful bisexual truck on Cologne pride with an interview
5.7.05 New York Times article "straight, gay or lying?" denies the existence of bisexual men
June 06 German Bisexual Journal gets new editorial/layout
August 06 Online Forum "Liebe-Leben-Leute" is created
2010 actress Anna Paquin marries her actor-colleague and outs herself as bisexual, resists that she had become straight because of marriage
2011 Founding of the current bi-group in Berlin
2012 Kyrsten Sinema becomes the first openly bisexual congressman in the US
Feb. 12 "Bisexuality report" in Great Britain
23.9.12 first BiBerlin camp in the form of a BarCamp
2.7.13 book for bi-activists by Shiri Eisner "BI: Notes for a Bisexual revolution"
23.9.13 meeting of bi-activists in the White House
21.9.15 Miley Cyrus outs herself as pansexual
23.9.15 IDAHOBIT – The International Day Against Homophobia, Transpobie and Biphobia includes "Biphobia"
2015 several studies of YouGov show that many people classify themselves in the bisexual spectrum of the Kinsey Scale (USA, UK, Israel and Germany)
2016 Spain celebrates the "Year Of Bisexuality"
28.-31.7.2016 EuroBi(Re)Con in Amsterdam
2./3.8.16 bi-workshops with Robyn Ochs in Hamburg funded by Hamburg Pride and the American consulate
9.6.17 Tel Aviv Pride shows off with the bisexual motto "Let it B"
5.8.17 first bi-boat on the canal pride in Amsterdam
22.9.17 flying of the bi-flag at the Schleswig-Holstein social ministry in Kiel (one day before 23.9.) and funding of a bisexual brochure
This event in the bisexual movement history is missing in my opinion:
What should come next?
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