2019 Westacres Craft Show Application
This is the application form for the Westacres Craft Show on November 2, 2019 from 10am-4pm.

Upon completion of application, please send the booth fee of $85 (inside booth) or $50 (outside booth, for each 8x8 space). Artists can send money via PayPal to melissamarybrown@gmail.com or a check made out to the Westacres Craft Show to 3615 Elder Rd. S. West Bloomfield, MI 48324.

Booth fees will be refunded if application is not accepted. Artists will be notified of application status by July 20, 2019.

Please feel free to direct any questions to westacrescraftshow@gmail.com; we're happy to help!

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Please upload 3-5 photos of your work (including one of booth set-up). Title each photo in this order: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, COMPANY NAME (if applicable) and PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, etc.
Price Range *
What is the price range for your work?
Past Participation *
Have you been a part of the Westacres Craft Show before?
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I give permission to the Westacres Craft Show to use my company name and photos, submitted with this application and available online, for marketing purposes.
Waiver Signed *
Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement: In consideration of the Westacres Community Association (WCA) allowing me to use their equipment, facilities, grounds and services for the annual Westacres Craft Show, I agree and recognize as follows: My participation is completely voluntary and I have familiarized myself with any rules, regulations and procedures that are involved. I am aware that certain hazards, risks and dangers are inherent and present and that I acknowledge that although WCA has taken measures to minimize the risk of injury to me, the WCA cannot and does not insure nor guarantee that the participants, equipment, facilities, grounds and activities will be free of hazards, accidents, and/or injuries. I agree and recognize that my participation may result in injury or illness. I agree to assume all risks and dangers and all responsibilities for any losses, damages and injuries arising out of my participation. That, on behalf of myself, I agree to release, waive and discharge hold harmless indemnity and defend all liability against WCA and all involved.I also agree that the Westacres Craft Show may display photos of my work, links to my website, and my personal or business name in their advertising.
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