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Measure of Music is a music, tech & data conference, workshop & hackathon all rolled into one. We're about to launch Year 3 in February 2023 and have had over 3000 attendees across our previous 2 years. This year's sponsors include SoundCloud, TuneCore, The Orchard, Chartmetric, and Luminate. Speakers in the past have included people from Spotify, Genius, Soundcloud, SB Projects, Chartmetric, EMPIRE, Warner Music Group, and more. The speakers and participants in the hackathon were majority-minority in both gender & race and the purpose of the event is to spotlight the impact of data across aspects of the music industry and to provide those involved hoping to break into or excel their career in music with a tangible project to show to prospective employers or clients.


We will have several hours for activities and networking divided to accommodate multiple time zones. 

The first half hour of the career fair will be for those participating in the hackathon/project portion of the event only and the remaining 90 minutes will be for anyone registered.

The artist career fair functions just like a typical career fair, but specifically for artists & their teams to find new team members on an on-going or contract basis. The goal of this event is to pair up independent artists who need help & support with those looking for experience working directly with artists such as students and career changers to the music industry. Participating in the career fair is completely free to artists & attendees.

You can decide what jobs/projects you’ll be hiring whenever you want, we just need to know if you’ll be participating and who will be joining.

Selection Criteria: We have a strong preference to support those from underrepresented groups but all artists will be considered. As this is our first year adding in the artist career fair, we will limit the number for year 1 but will choose based on completion of application and the ability to offer a wide range of diverse options for event attendees.

Examples of Projects: Build an artist website, create social media content such as TikTok videos, write biographies & press releases, graphic design, etc.

Examples of Roles: Artist Manager, Marketing/Social Manager, Tour Manager, etc.


Measure of Music attendees range from students to professionals within music & tech from around the world, last year we had 28 countries represented. We usually have representation in the audience from major & indie labels, social media sites, DSPs, and those adjacent in the tech & entertainment spaces. 


Unlike our company career fair, though we highly encouraged paid roles, roles for the artist career fair do not need to be paying roles to be inclusive of artists early in their career. The roles do need to provide value to the potential candidate such as public credit to the team member, ability to publicly share any work done, significant access to the artist & their network or payment based on commission/sales.


You can format your virtual booth however you would like over the course of the 2 hours but prospects will be dropping in sporadically throughout the time. 

The maximum amount of people at your booth at anytime will be 15 including any representatives from your company.

Examples of how to run the booth include (but not limited to):

  • Ongoing Q&A session

  • Have 2 people manning the booth and provide a link to a Calendly/scheduling tool to have quick one on one sessions pre-booked with 1 while the other stays at the booth.

  • Ask people to share their portfolios, talk about previous work.

  • Have current team members talk about their experience working with the artist.

  • Provide times in advance of when you’ll be speaking about different roles so registrants can pop in at relevant times.


  • Early Session (Sat, Feb 25 10AM - 12PM UK | 11AM - 1PM FR)
  • Late Session (Sat, Feb 25 10PM - 12AM UK | 2- 4PM LA | 5 - 7PM NY)

For more information about involvement, visit: 

If your company would also like to be involved to provide prizes, data, or to participate in the startup pitch or a company career fair visit:

For more information about Measure of Music, visit

If you have questions, please get in touch at:

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