Copa-cardiogram week 48 (6/8/16)
This week's content:
Wide Complex Tachycardias: VT vs. SVT with aberrancy
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If you treat all wide complex tachycardia in the elderly as ventricular tachycardia you will be right what percentage of the time? *
When comparing varying algorithms to distinguish VTACH from SVT with aberrancy, how sensitive was Brugada? *
What is the first step of the Mattu two step algorithm? *
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What is the second step of the Mattu two step algorithm? *
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If you treat a patient in VTACH as if they have SVT with abberancy, what will they look like? *
EKG of the week (not necessarily related to today's content)
Above is an EKG from a 57 year old male with weakness and palpitations. Interpret. *
from ECG for the Emergency Physician 2003
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