Speaking & Training Request
Thank you for your interest in having Sam Adeyinka (or any of our team member at LevelUP Media NG) speak/train at your event.
Please be aware of the following guidelines when inviting him.
• For us at LevelUP Media NG, every invitation is a privilege to contribute to humanity and to touch lives positively and tremendously.
• Sam runs with the vision of improving personal productivity and organizational performance by simply showing and helping these individuals and institutions lead with so much confidence as they wield influence along the way while also achieving MASSIVE business growth.
• Invitation to Sam Adeyinka is an invitation to LevelUP Media NG Company
• This form is to enable Sam plan his itinerary
• Due to Sam’s busy schedule, whenever possible, we prefer that he is able to fly (for invitations outside Lagos) so as to reduce possible fatigue from driving long distances. (If this request cannot be fulfilled, please make a note of what travel arrangements can be made).
• In an effort to have an effective work-life balance, his acceptance of invitations, will be in consideration of this balance.
• Your invitation will be reviewed accordingly and a response will be sent as soon as possible.
• Note as well that the service you request MAY attract a professional fee.
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