Culminating Experience Spring 2021
The culminating experience must meet the following criteria:
• It should address in some way the three pillars of sustainability: Ecological, Economic, and Equitable
• It must require at least 60 hours of work over no less than four weeks (i.e. not a three day conference or week-long service trip).
• There must be a clear outcome—what will you learn from this experience? What skill will you gain? Will you be contributing to a paper or online publication? Is there an event you will assist in coordinating?
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Culminating Experience Proposal
In this section, if you know where you will be working and your project, please answer all the questions in their entirety.
If you don't know all the details, please look at the prompts for what to fill-in for each question.
Placement (Where will you work. If you don't know please say: looking; then indicate what your desired type of placement is below) *
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Description of work: What will you be doing? Please include expected hours per week, type of work, and subject matter that you will be working on. (If you don't know, please fill-in TBD - to be determined) *
How does it relate to the three pillars of sustainability? (If you don't know, please fill-in TBD - to be determined) *
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