2021 Jenkins Youth Award Nomination Form
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History and Eligibility
Scottsdale Leadership's 2021 Jenkins Youth Leadership Award commemorates former Mayor Bill Jenkins who was a Scottsdale school teacher and effective, forward-thinking mayor of the community. In his name, the Jenkins Youth Award recognizes a youth who also demonstrates excellent leadership at school and in the community. Nominators must be an adult other than a parent, guardian or sibling of the nominee.

Eligible students must be in grades 11 or 12 during the 2020-2021 academic year and meet one of these criteria:
1. attend a school within Scottsdale Unified School District;
2. reside at a Scottsdale address or;
3. attend a school with a Scottsdale address.
To Apply
Nominations may be made by a community member or Scottsdale Leadership alumni. Nominations must be through this online form, completed in full and submitted with all required essays and letters to be considered for this award. Send required letters of recommendation to info@scottsdaleleadership.org, on or before Friday, February 19, 2021 at 5:00PM.

REQUIRED from the NOMINATOR (not the student)
- Nomination form completed by nominator in this online format
- Answer two essay questions about the nominee (on this form)

*Nominator will not need to provide an additional letter of recommendation for the nominee.

The information below is for the nominator's information, and fulfilled by the nominee.

From the Nominee
- Answer the four required questions on this form, not to exceed a combined total of 1,000 words.
- One letter of recommendation from someone at your school other than the nominator, such as a teacher, a coach, a guidance counselor, an administrator or a community member. The letter must be provided in MSWord or PDF format to info@scottsdaleleadership.org.
- Magazine or newspaper articles highlighting your (nominee's) leadership experience. These are not required, but will be accepted and considered if applicable.

Completed applications must be received with all required documentation or before Friday, February 19, 2021 at 5:00PM.
Selection Process
1. A selection committee representing education, public safety, non-profit and/or other business sectors, will review the applications and select 3-4 applicants for the interview process.
2. Award finalists will be asked to participate in a panel interview comprised of several members of the selection committee.
3. Award recipient is determined and notified within 48 hours of the interview process. All students nominated will receive notification once the recipient has been selected.
4. The selected recipient will join the Luncheon to receive the Youth Award and scholarship check.
Award Presentation
Once the winner is notified, s/he will be asked to submit 10-15 photos for use in the awards video. The Nominator and/or nominee will be contacted to participate in a video shoot, which will air at the awards luncheon. The video shoot requires a personal time commitment (about 2-4 hours), scheduled on a weekday during business/school hours.

The award and the $2,000 scholarship will be presented to the selected recipient at the Awards Luncheon (Date TBD)
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Please answer at least two of the following questions. Limit per response 200 words.
This is a leadership award. Please provide specific examples of leadership skills used and demonstrated by the nominee.
How has the nominee demonstrated leadership and service at school such as peer mentoring or involvement in extracurricular activities? Provide specific examples.
How has the nominee demonstrated leadership in the community through volunteer service, involvement in a faith community or participation in other activities? Provide specific examples.
Nominee (Youth) Information
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Submission Details *
Submit all supplemental documents at the same time this application is completed and submitted to Scottsdale Leadership. All supplemental documents must show your full name, sent to this email address: info@scottsdaleleadership.org. Nomination packages will not be returned to the nominator or nominee. By checking the box below, you are confirming all supplemental documents have been forwarded in MSWord or PDF format and contain your name. Completed nomination form & supplemental documents must be submitted no later than Friday, February 19, 2021 at 5:00PM.
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