HONJI Fertility Center Singapore Reservation Online Seminar (12/15/2018) 2018年12月15日(六) 新加坡试管婴儿线上讲座
Introducing our C Protocol. It only costs $3,200 S.G.D. per cycle.
Medication is taken orally, no needles involved!

We also only need urine tests so no blood tests if you are afraid of needles.

The C Protocol is a more natural form of medication when compared to other hormonal stimulating injections.
It is less stressful, less painful, and less expensive ~

Taipei's Honji Fertility Center provides a high quality IVF service, which is compatible to New York University's Fertility Center.

The success rate is high. Sixty percent of Honji Fertility Center's patients are Japanese, traveling from Japan!
One IVF cycle only consists of three visits to our clinic.

Want to know more details about IVF in our clinic?

1.C treatment IVF C疗程试管婴儿 2.Natural Cycle & Mild Stimulation IVF 自然周期&温和刺激试管婴儿 3.Eggs/sperms donation 借卵&借精 4.Egg Freezing 单身冻卵 5.PGS 基因筛选检测
C疗程(C Protocol)试管婴儿:只吃药不打针,温和不刺激
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Contact Information 联络我们
Address:14th Floor, No. 56, Sec. 1 Xinsheng South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
17LIVE ID: honjiivf
Line ID : honjiivf
WeChat ID : honjiivf
WhatsApp ID : +886965507017
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Director/Doctor 医师
Education & Work Experiences 张博士学经历背景
●1986-1993 Department of Medicine, National Taiwan University 国立台湾大学医学院医学系
●1995-2001 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Taiwan University Hospital 国立台湾大学附设医院妇产部医师
●2001-2007 Full-time scientist in Center for Reproductive Medicine, New York University School of Medicine 美国纽约大学生殖医学院全职科学家
The photo shows a presentation in an ASRM(American Society for Reproduction Medicine) meeting. 张宏吉医生于美国生殖医学年会发表论文
Dr. Hungchi Chang has worked as a professional scientist in New York University (NYU Fertility Center) for 6 years, and published 12 papers on the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Honji Clinic is the only clinic in Taiwan with a high medical standard similar to NYU's Fertility Center. Dr. Chang, the director of Honji Clinic, is a doctor with specified reproductive techniques learned from NYU.(http://library.med.nyu.edu/api/publications/?person=grifoj01&sort=display_rank&offset=220) 张医生曾任职于美国纽约大学生殖医学中心全职科学家6年,期间参与美国生殖医学年会上发表了12篇学术论文。由于张博士具有生殖医学实验室经验,因此宏孕诊所是台湾唯一拥有与美国同步医疗水准的诊所,远胜其他同行。以下是论文连结 (http://library.med.nyu.edu/api/publications/?person=grifoj01&sort=display_rank&offset=220)
Dr. Hung Chi Chang published his most recent research article in Molecular Biology of the Cell as the second author on the list.以第二作者的身份最新发表的论文在MBoC.(2018.10)
Dr. Chang's essay from Human Reproduction was cited in "nature, cell biology" 国际期刊 Cell Biology 引用张医生论文(2017)
HONJI's News on IVF
In 2005, the human egg freezing technology development's success stories have been reported to the National Television Company, NBC TV (http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_54.html).

From 2002 to 2007, for six consecutive years, Dr. Chang held the highest authority in the field of human reproduction in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and published 13 primary research papers.

Honji Fertility Center appeared on Japan's daily circulation newspaper: Asahi Shimbun (http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_48.html) in 2013.

Honji Fertility Center accepted the Japanese TBS TV "News 23" (http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_49.html) news interview program in 2014, the program talked sensually about Japanese patients coming to our clinic as egg recipients with personal interviews, which made it an unforgettable report.

In 2016, Honji Fertility Center's egg treatment outcomes were reported sharply and became a topic of interest by the newspaper "China News", in Hiroshima, Japan (http://www.honjiivf.com/tagalog/news_details_78.html).

在2005年,人类卵子冷冻技术开发的成功案例被报导在美国全国公司电视NBC TV(http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_54.html)。

并且在2002年至2007年间,连续六年在人类生殖领域的最高权威,美国生殖医学学会 (http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_48.html)发表了13篇的研究论文报告


本院于2014年接受日本TBS频道「NEWS 23」新闻 (http://www.honjiivf.com/english/news_details_49.html)节目采访,该节目针对在本院借卵之日本患者进行贴身采访制作专题报导。



Dr. Chang’s Reproductive Medicine papers published over the years 张医生历年发表的生殖医学论文
Speech at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in the states (ASRM) https://www.asrm.org/splash/splash.aspx

・Noyes N, Chang HC, Labella P, McCaffrey C, Fino E, Grifo J. (2007 ASRM) Visualization of meiotic spindle predicts usefulness of female gamates in an oocyte cryopreservation program.

・Chang HC, Grifo J, McCaffrey, Krey LC, Noyes N. (2007 ASRM) Using certain commercially available glass-bottomed dish with paraffin oil impacts the embryonic development of oocytes.

・Chang HC, Grifo J, Ampeloquio E, LaBella P, Adler A and Krey LC. (2006 ASRM) Oct3A and Oct3B immunostaining patterns in human 3PN zygotes and aneuploid embryos diagnosed by preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD): embryonic chromosome status can be independent of developmental competence.

・Chang HC, Noyes N, Lee TL, Chin A, Krey LC and Grifo JA. (2006 ASRM) Independent and sequential expression of Oct3A and Oct3B transcription factors in human preimplantation embryos.

・Chang HC, Liu H, Noyes N, Meng L, Krey LC and Grifo J. (2006 ASRM) Down regulatory effects of retinoid signaling on murine and human embryonic Oct-4 gene expression. Liu H, Labella P, Chang HC, Noyes N, Krey LC and Grifo JA. (2006 ASRM) Vitrification influence on the viability of human and mouse oocytes is temperature relevant.

・Grifo J, Labella P, Licciardi F, Chang HC, Liu H and Noyes N. (2006 ASRM) Clinical results of an oocyte cryopreservation program. Noyes N, Chang HC, Meng L, Liu H, Labella P, Grifo J (2006 ASRM) Presence of meiotic spindle predicts embryo competence following oocyte cryopreservation.

・Chang HC, Liu H, Zhang J, Grifo J, Krey LC. (2005 SRM) Vitrification of metaphase II oocytes impacts Oct-4 expression during subsequent preimplantation development. Oral presentation in Montreal, 61th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

・Chang HC, Liu H, Zhang J, Grifo J, Krey LC. (2004 ASRM) Ooplasmic factors are responsible for the developmental defects observed when immature cumulus-enclosed mouse oocytes are denuded prior to maturation. Oral presentation in Philadelphia, 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

・Chang HC, Liu H, Blaszczyk A, Grifo JA, Krey LC (2003 ASRM) Influences of mouse strain and culture media on in vitro maturation and embryogenesis of denuded mouse oocytes. Fertility and Sterility, Vol.80 3S S266.

・Chang HC, Liu H, Grifo J, Krey LC (2002 ASRM) Influences stimulation on in vitro maturation and embryogenesis of denuded mouse oocytes. Poster presentation in Orlando, 59th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

・Liu H, Krey LC, Zhang J, Chang HC, Grifo JA (2002 ASRM) Germinal vesicle xeno-transfer between mouse and human oocytes: a model to study ooplasmic influences on meiotic division. Fertility and Sterility, September 2002 Vol.76 No. 3S O-202. 58th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

In 2018, Miss Zhong and her husband in Malaysia were given twins 马来西亚的钟小姐与丈夫,2018年喜获双胞胎
A success story from Hong Kong 香港成功案例
Miss Chang and her Canadian husband's successful IVF Journey 張小姐與加拿大籍丈夫 成功案例
Dr. Chang Hung-Chi boarded NBC News for his success stories on the egg freezing research back in New York University's (NYU) Center for Reproductive Medicine 美国 NBC新闻报导张博士于纽约大学生殖医学中心研发冷冻卵子成功产下试管婴儿故事
Japan‘s newest TBS report on egg donation in 2018 2018年日本TBS新闻,关于「卵子受赠」最新报导
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