Become an Original Cosponsor of a Resolution Encouraging the Reunions of Divided Korean-American Families
Since the 1953 armistice agreement between North and South Korea, millions of families were divided based on an arbitrary border. From mothers and sons to cousins and grandparents, these families have endured decades of isolation and have been cut off from communication and contact. It’s estimated that over 100,000 Korean-Americans are separated from their family members in North Korea. Sadly, many of these Americans are over the age of 80 and are dying before having the opportunity to reunite with their families.

For those who remain, many of them wish to be reunited with their family members before they pass away. It’s time that the United States and North Korea work together to prioritize these family reunions as a humanitarian concern and to decouple this issue from the broader denuclearization and diplomatic negotiations.

To raise the needs of these divided families, I am reintroducing this legislation and I hope you will join me in becoming an original co-sponsor of a Congressional resolution to support family reunions.

This legislation affirms the sense of the House that:
• The United States and North Korea should work to reunite Korean-American divided family members with their immediate relatives;
• The institution of family is inalienable and urges the restoration of contact;
• The summit between North and South Korea in April 2018 has prioritized family reunions;
• The United States and North Korea should begin the process of reuniting Korean-American divided family members with their immediate relatives within 60 days of adoption of this resolution;
• The United States and North Korea should pursue reunions as a humanitarian priority of immediate concern, delinked from conflict, before attempts at normalized relations are made.

The resolution is supported by Divided Families USA.

Karen Bass
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