TEDxDayton 2021 Speaker Application
Do you have an idea worth spreading? The 9th annual TEDxDayton Signature Event is now
accepting applications from community members. The event will take place in October.

Apply - The process starts by filling out the application form. Then the all-volunteer speaker selection committee will review the applications and select potential speakers for an audition. These 3-minute auditions are given in front of the committee (currently on Zoom) and are followed by a short Q&A.

Develop - After the committee selects the speaker roster for the TEDxDayton Signature Event, all the speakers will attend an orientation event (also currently on Zoom) and be assigned a mentor. These mentors are often past speakers who have been through the process. Speakers will meet informally with their mentors and engage with members of the committee to craft the bones of the talk.

Refine - Through multiple rounds of rehearsals and feedback from the committee, each talk will get refined into its final form. A finalized script will emerge, and the memorization will begin.

Deliver - All of the behind-the-scenes work will come to fruition on event day. Production crews, stage managers, lighting specialists, videographers, and a host of TEDxDayton volunteers will be on hand to support each speaker as they deliver the talk of their life.

Release - Videos are edited locally and then submitted to the international TED organization for approval before being released on their website and YouTube.
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