Podcast Of Champions 2019 Suicide Pool
Note: Current standings can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WgWwp44-drdqKh3vEyUO07sjuRKNvC00Ij8T3lw7xpM/edit?usp=sharing

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A PICK IF YOU HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED, INCLUDING IF YOU FORGOT TO SUBMIT A PICK IN ANY PREVIOUS WEEK. Your pick will not count and it substantially increases the amount of time required to compile the weekly results. This is all for fun -- thank you for your cooperation.

1) Pick one Pac-12 team each week. If they win, you survive. If they lose, you are out (no second chances).
2) You cannot pick the same team more than once. By definition, the pool will last no longer than Week 12.
3) You must include your email address and name (nicknames are fine) each week. Please use the same email and name each week, or else we won't know that you are the same person.
4) You can also include an optional comment at the bottom. Smack talk is actively encouraged, and might get read on the podcast (especially if your team then proceeds to lose).
5) The deadline to submit your pick each week is Saturday 12 p.m. Pacific Time. You can select a team that starts play before the deadline (e.g. UCLA played on Thursday in Week 1), but ONLY if you submit your pick before their game begins. Failing to submit a pick results in disqualification.
6) Any invalid pick (e.g. picking a repeat team, picking a team that already started playing, or submitting your pick after the 12 p.m. Pacific Time deadline) results in disqualification. Failing to submit a pick at all in a particular week also results in disqualification.
7) If you submit multiple picks during the same week (accidentally or otherwise), only the first pick will count.
8) The winner(s) of the pool are whoever wins the most games before being eliminated. There are no tiebreakers, i.e. there can be multiple winners. The prize for winning is guaranteed to be among the following (subject to availability):
a) A collection of Disney Princess dresses from Ryan's personal inventory (Dave would never relinquish his collection)
b) A free subscription to the Pac-12 Networks on DirecTV
c) A graduate transfer by Jake Browning to your school of choice
d) A cheerful one-on-one interview with Chip Kelly
e) A non-conference victory by UCLA
f) Congratulations from Ryan and Dave
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