Call for Pitches: Access to the internet
Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) is looking for pitches that aim to critically investigate access to the internet, and digital technologies and the way they are accessed in Pakistan. We are interested in different types of content including but not limited to:

- Research based essays
- Profiles of interesting individuals playing an important role in their community and culture’s tech experience
- Investigation into key players including government, semi-government and private bodies working to provide access to digital technologies in Pakistan
- Impact of access (or lack thereof) to the internet on local communities

Pitches should explore how the lack of access to the internet and digital technology impacts the lifestyle of individuals, and vice versa. They should also examine how different ideas and discussions around access to the internet and issues related to it impact policies, and what the role of government, semi-government and private bodies has been in bridging the digital divide in Pakistan. The stories can also look at the social, cultural, geographical and political landscape linked with accessing the internet in Pakistan. Ideas can also be focused on interesting developments and individuals, working around providing access to the internet and digital technologies that haven’t been widely discussed or reported.

Examples of good story ideas will showcase impact. For instance, lack of internet access is keeping people from accessing critical healthcare information, or language barriers on the internet restricts people’s access to the internet, or how persons with disabilities navigate the internet, or damage to telecom infrastructure or fiber optics resulted in cutting off a village from the internet, or policy level intervention to provide affordable internet access to everyone needs to be made.

General ideas that do not show direct impact on a person, people or community of individuals will not be entertained. For instance, Pakistan has a wide digital divide, government blocked internet access on Resolution Day.

Each piece has to be between 2500 - 3000 words, and the payment will be Rs. 15,000 (inclusive of taxes).

For questions, email at

*Accepting pitches from Pakistan only.

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