ÉCVS Grade 6-8 Rugby 2019
Dear Parent(s) and / or Guardian(s),

We are starting a recreational rugby team here at ÉCVS for all students in Grade 6-8 who are interested. We will be participating in a recreational league organized by teachers in our district for the schools who wish to participate.

Practices: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (Champs Vallée soccer fields on the west side of the school)
Games: Wednesdays (Leduc Rugby Club - https://goo.gl/maps/Hs3n2jakZ142)

Please note:
-- We will not be making any "cuts" for our team. All students who are interested in playing will have the opportunity to play, as long as they:
1. Have this form filled out
2. Continue to demonstrate a positive attitude at school & at all games/practices
3. Are committed to the team (to the best of their ability*)
-- *We understand that there may be conflicts with other extra-curricular activities. We are happy to work with students who may have to miss practices/games due to other activities, as long as the coaches are notified of their absence prior to the practice/game.
-- Students should have appropriate outdoor athletic wear for all practices. (Shorts, pants, t-shirt, outdoor running shoes, water bottle)
-- Uniforms will be provided for games, but must be returned at the end of each game to be washed.
-- Students and parents/guardians must arrange their own transportation to & from every practice and game.
-- There is no cost to play in the league, however, just as we've done with all other sports teams, we will likely order matching long sleeved shirts for the team. These will cost roughly around $25. We will confirm this amount as soon as possible.

Here is the potential schedule (subject to change based on weather, field conditions and/or coach availability). Please DO NOT print this schedule, but rather refer to it, as it will likely change: http://bit.ly/2KHQ8vF

We would like to thank every student for their participation thus far. We have high expectations for maintaining a positive team environment and commitment throughout the season.


Champs Vallée Volunteer Teacher Coaches

Mme Alexandra (alexandra.rodrigue@gshare.blackgold.ca)
Ms MacKay (kyla.mackay@gshare.blackgold.ca)
Mme Mikayla (mikayla.pabai@gshare.blackgold.ca)
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I give permission to my child to participate in ÉCVS flag rugby. I understand that my child and I are responsible for transportation to and from each activity.
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