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Many marketers offer the whole digital marketing package. I focus solely on semantic copywriting and its associated social media content.

While I believe that your online presence should be holistic, many specialist components make that one all-encompassing whole.

The products I provide will fit in alongside any strategy your SEO or content marketing team has in place. My two core strengths are:
• semantic copywriting for your website or blog;
• the social media updates to go with that content.

As a business owner, you want relevant prospects to discover you and your business. My two-pronged approach will help:
• relevant people find your website in search results;
• your reach on social extend beyond your family and friends.

This doesn't mean you need to appear #1 in Google. Nor does it mean you need 1,000s of followers on social. I'd swap 20,000 voyeur followers for 200 engaged followers every time.

The way to garner a switched on audience - for your site and social - is through the content that you publish. All of the concepts should shine through, bolstered by your experience and unique perspective.

I'm not talking about final edited drafts. That's where a copywriter/search editor steps up to the plate.

The problem? Copywriters who specialise in a niche can be expensive.

Some business owners see right past this. They know that their time is far better invested building their business in other ways.

Other business owners want to take on the marketing mantle themselves. They want to note and nurture their ideas to deliver a truly unique perspective and user experience.

Moreover, they want to publish the resultant content themselves.

They want to take full ownership of both their on-site content and its distribution across social. And they want to do it as well as any copywriter or marketer could.

Which way's best for you? That will depend entirely upon your circumstances and the time you have to devote to marketing your website online.

If you want to hand the baton to a marketer or copywriter, make sure they have a working knowledge of your niche to begin with. Generic copywriting has no place in the knowledge-hungry RankBrain's diet!

As time goes on, build on your relationship so that your semantic copywriter can impart a bit of 'you' in everything they write for you. This will translate and encourage engagement.

Or if you want to write your content and engage on social yourself, there are two things you need to understand:
1. what search engines look for to extract meaningful data from your website;
2. how to become relevant and render that content in SERPs to relevant prospects.

You must also have a keen understanding of how engagement works on social. You can't just promote, promote, promote.

Those days are long gone. Through consultation over Skype/Google+ Hangouts, I can teach you how to reach your audience and uphold the web's best copywriting practices.

In the form below, I appeal to either type of business owner. If you want to take on board your own content marketing, great. I offer a consultation for that.

If you want to outsource your marketing efforts, that's cool too. I can write the copy that dances to the semantic web's tunes. And with over 20,000 followers on Google+, I play the pipe on social, too.

Please take the time to fill in as much of this form as you can. The more you give me up front, the less editing or consultancy time - it's that simple.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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