McCall HSA Halloween Party RSVP 麦考尔家庭与学校协会万圣节派对RSVP

Friday, October 26th 3:30pm to 5:00pm in the gym

The McCall HSA invites you to join the Halloween Party school fundraiser! Tickets are $5 each, or $15 per family. Proceeds help fund priorities identified by Principal McKenna, faculty, staff, and families. Every child will receive a treat bag. We’ll have fun activities like Spooky Spoon Race, trick-or-treat stations, face-painting, arts and crafts, and plenty of prizes! All children must be accompanied by an adult.
McCall HSA邀请您加入万圣节派对学校筹款活动!门票每张5美元,或每个家庭15美元。所得款项有助于为校长麦肯纳,教职员工和家庭确定的优先事项提供资金。每个孩子都会收到一个零食袋。我们将举办有趣的活动,如Spooky Spoon Race,捣蛋台,脸部彩绘,艺术和手工艺品以及大量奖品!所有儿童必须由成人陪同。

Help us make the party a success 帮助我们让聚会成功:
-Sign up to volunteer! 注册志愿者:
-Please bring candy donations to the candy box in the Main Office. Tree-nut or peanut-free candy is requested, but not required. 糖果的捐赠可以带到校办公室的糖果盒。需要无树坚果或无花生,但不是必需的。
-If you have spare costumes at home, you may bring them to the office or to the individual classrooms for children without costumes. 如果您在家中有多余的服装,您可以将它们带到办公室或儿童教室,以免儿童穿着。
-Decorations donations can be given directly to Halloween Party chair Chloe Harris before school every morning. 每天早晨Chloe Harris万圣节派对主席都会在校操场学生上课之前,可以直接向她捐赠万圣节装饰品。

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