Application for Exhibit
The Pine Center for the Arts is now seeking interested artists for the 2020 Gallery Calendar. In November, our gallery committee members will meet to review all submissions and select artists that we feel are a good fit for our facility. We are seeking artists that are willing to partner with our volunteers to promote our gallery, and recognize the value of the facility that we can provide. It is important that work displayed is available for sale during the time it is on display.

Artists that are selected for the 2020 Season will be asked to pay a $75 exhibit fee to cover facility & marketing expenses. This fee will be reimbursed to the artist through the first $75 of sales before commission.

Artists that have been featured in previous years are welcome to reapply if new work is available for display.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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If so, please provide us with an approximate price range that they are listed for.
Our most successful gallery shows in recent years have been a shared exhibit featuring the work of 2 artists. Please indicate your exhibit preference. *
Is the exhibit you wish to display in any way funded by a grant through a regional or state Arts Board?
Wine and beer can be served at your gallery opening upon request, with payment of $50 for a license request to be submitted. Requests and fee must be provided 8 weeks prior to opening for planning purposes.
Submit sample images of your artwork (5-10 images) for consideration. These images may also be used for promotional purposes.
Upload artist biography or resume summarizing your artistic development or summary description of the work that you are providing for consideration.
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