Recruit WI Participant Waiver & Coach RSVP
Please read the Recruit Wisconsin (Blaze) COVID-19 waiver carefully.

All attendees are required to read and accept the terms and conditions in order to participate. All waivers will be verified before admittance.

Club and College coaches as well as professional evaluators, will have the opportunity to RSVP for your special networking event in this form.

In order for club teams to receive 2 coaches, 1 scorekeeper, and 10 team wristbands, all 13 individuals must show on your list. Wristbands will be color coded by each hour. If parents/family want to share viewing and split sessions (ie Dad watches at 8am and Mom watches at 10am), both attendees must sign the waiver in advance. No more than 10 spectator wristbands will be allotted for each team and each of their time slots.

All College Coaches, please check in at the Coach Check in table on the side of the venue.

All athletes must wear their uniforms in order to enter the venue from the rear of the building

All Club Coaches should pick up their wristbands at the Coach Check in table on the side of the venue, and distribute to their teams and enter in the rear of the building.

All Spectators must have their wristbands on in order to enter the venue from the front entrance. If you have multiple athletes entered in this event, you must fill out the waiver for each athlete.
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